6 Investigates Follow-up: Alice Man Arrested After Recording Traffic Stop

KRISTV | January 3, 2013
By Andrew Ellison

ALICE - We have more on a story we showed you last night about an Alice man who was recently arrested after recording a traffic stop with his cell phone.

As we reported, the man later posted a video of his arrest on YouTube.

We showed that video to the Alice Police Department, which has now launched an investigation to determine if the officer's actions were appropriate.

The man filming the traffic stop is identified as 25 year old Gabriel Cabrera. The officer who arrests Cabrera is Nicolas Juarez.

The cellphone video shows Officer Juarez approach Cabrera and ask him for his identification. When Cabrera refuses, he arrests him.

In Juarez's incident report, he says he approached Cabrera because he wanted to identify a potential witness to the traffic stop that had just occurred.

But that's not the whole story. In the video, you can clearly hear Officer Juarez say the following, "I need to see your I.D. sir because if this end up on YouTube or something like that...".

But in his entire report, Juarez never makes any mention of the fact that he's concerned about the video going on YouTube.

Assistant Police Chief Alberto Martinez says the department will look into it to make sure that everything was done appropriately.

We caught up with Gabriel Cabrera at his home today, but he says his attorney has advised him not to say anything at this time.