Republican Linked to Chinagate, Media Empire, and Voting Machines Running for Congress | February 17, 2004
By Bob Dacy

Michael McCaul is running for Congress in the newly formed 10th Congressional District in Texas.  Boasting of experience in national security and of prosecuting the infamous Johnny Chung in the Chinagate scandal, the former Department of Justice attorney would seem to be the perfect candidate.  However, this Republican, one of eight vying for the seat, is not at all what he claims to be.

Chinagate was all about agents of the communist Chinese government and rocket industry funneling cash into President Clinton's re-election campaign in exchange for technology transfers that gave them the ability to launch and target intercontinental ballistic missles against the United States. One of the conduits for that cash was Johnny Chung.  DOJ attorney Michael McCaul did indeed "prosecute" Chung, but McCaul agreed to a sentence of probation and community service.The truth:  McCaul , while working for Janet Reno, let this smaller fish go and failed to go after the bigger fish. 

Chung "rolled over" to avoid prison, and McCaul sat on what Chung disclosed.  Bottom line:  McCaul's experience in protecting our national security is a dismal failure. Janet Reno's Department of "Justice" was only interested in protecting President Clinton.  The Traitor-in-Chief got away with treason, the Chinese now have the military technology to nuke the United States, and Michael McCaul was a participant in the cover up. After Chung's trial was over, McCaul befriended the traitor Chung by inviting him over to dinner!

So why is a former employee of Janet Reno who lets crooks go and refuses to pursue other crooks and even has dinner with them running for Congress as a “conservative” Republican?

Speaking of Janet Reno, McCaul's relationship with the butcher of Waco does not end with helping her keep President Clinton out of jail. According to Texas Lawyer magazine, the trigger-happy Attorney General chose McCaul to be her counsel when she appeared before a congressional committee investigating the massacre of the Branch Davidians .  One wonders if McCaul came up with Reno's explanation of the tanks as being like good rent-a-cars.

It gets worse.  It turns out that Michael McCaul is married to the media...quite literally.  His father-in-law, Lowry Mays, is Chairman of the radio and television media giant Clear Channel Communications, and other Mays relatives hold key positions within the company. A quick look at the website of the Federal Election Commission reveals that Clear Channel and other media fatcats are financing McCaul's campaign. What's wrong with this picture?  The founding fathers revered the press because of their critical role of being the watchdog of the government.  Freedom of the press is enshrined in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution to protect that essential safeguard.  How far have we fallen when Clear Channel, in control of news and editorial content of 1,225 radio stations and 39 television stations, can now  attempt to buy their own congressman?

One other set of facts is worth mentioning.  Electronic voting machines are susceptible to external manipulation and have no paper trail to validate votes and prevent fraud.   The Secretary of State of Ohio has confirmed this problem via an independent technical security assessment report written by Compuware Corporation.

One such machine is manufactured by Hart Intercivic .  These machines are used in only four counties in Texas...four out of two hundred and fifty four. The 10th Congressional District stretches from Travis County to Harris County.  Would you believe that Hart Intercivic machines are used in Travis and Harris counties?  That's right, 80% of the voters in the district Michael McCaul is running in will be voting on Hart Intercivic machines.  So what is wrong with that? Perhaps nothing.  However, it should be noted that Tom Hicks, vise-chairman of Clear Channel Communications, is a major investor in Hart Intercivic  by way of Hicks, Muse, Tate, and Furst , an investment company that controls Stratford Capital Partners.  Hart Intercivic lists Stratford Capital Partners as a major investor. Call me old-fashioned, but it seems to me that people involved in financing political candidates should not also make the voting machines used to chose their candidate.  The potential exists for a conflict of interest due to the temptations of motive and opportunity.

So Michael McCaul , the former Janet Reno employee who wimped out on Chinagate , befriends traitors, is married to big media, and whose financiers have links to a suspect voting machine is running for Congress.  Heaven help us.

This article was submitted in the interest of informing the electorate by Bob Dacy , host of "The Simple Truth" political talk show, on Cable Television channel 16 Mondays at 8:00 PM in Austin, TX .

Bob Dacy is a frequent contributor to The Alex Jones radio show on UN and Second Amendment issues.