CPS Investigated a Reader - Because he feeds his children Organic Food - Drinks Non-Fluorinated Water and has a Bug Out Bag! Police were standing by!

Sherrie Questioning All | December 4, 2010

A reader of the blog sent me this account of his experience with CPS!

When I read this, I have to wonder..... do the CPS people have the "common sense" to think this is not an allegation that even comes close to be child abuse?!  Can they not think for themselves that, the claims against a person is ridiculous?

The reasons why CPS checked out this person is beyond outrageous - there is no abuse in the questions at all - in fact it was all about non-abuse!

Here is the Readers story, as he wrote it to me.

Near the end of september 2010,  I had a very frightening experience with the childrens protective service.  It all started with a knock on my door, from a women I'd never seen.

So of course I asked her who she was before I opened the door, she said she was from c.p.s.  I opened the door and she was on her cellular phone.

The next block over I could see a police car doing a left hand turn, as if she were in communication with the officer.  At the time I was already concerned as why she was here at my residence.

First off, I asked her why she was here? She there were allegations of abuse against myself.  I was quite shocked,  being that I never go anywhere, I have no friends,etc...  Literally I have no physical friends where I reside.  I'm a single father of two girls that I homeschool.  I never go anywhere and my curiousity was spiked immediately.  She asked if she could come in, I said certainly come on in.

The lady appeared to be nervous, which now that i think about it is quite odd.  Anyway the questions she asked me were very odd in it self.

She said that there were allegations that I wouldn't give my children tap water.  I responded with pure truth and she was shocked with my response.  I said this"the municipal water supply is fluoridated ,and has traces of s.s.r.i. drugs in it.

First off she hadnt a clue of what an s.s.r.i. was and responded with isnt fluoride good for your childs teeth, I responded with pure facts again, and gave this woman a history lesson in regards to fluoride being used in the nazi death camps,to make the jews more complacent and docile.

She asked where I learned of this, I told her I read all day being that there isnt much work afforded this area.  I've nothing else to do other than to study, and educate my children.

I was still quite frightened by this woman in my house, I mean really think about it.  This woman has the authority to take the only things worth living for away from me.  My girls.  So the allegations continued.

The next one was hilarious, she said I refused to allow my children to receive their vaccination shots and I laughed sorta like you did in your investigation..  I said yes thats true, I refuse to allow my children to be poked with syringes filled with squalene, thimerasol, mercury,etc. I promptly produced my states exemption form. That was the end of that allegation.

It gets better. The next allegation was that I chose to feed my children predominately organic foods.  I said yes this is true.. She asked why.  I gave her a brief history lesson on g.m.o.,high fructose corn syrup and the links to esculation of diabetes in America.

By now it appeared to me this woman was feeling a little more secure in my place of residence.

But the next question blew me outta the water. She said that there was an allegation of me having a bug bag..I almost crapped my pants.. I couldnt believe it.  I knew immediately this allegation was from someone I knew personally.  Not someone online.  Because I've never made a bug out bag video.. and anyway I told the worker that yes, I have a 72 hour bug out bag,  She asked why?  By then I had the lady cozy and quite interested in the things I had been saying.  I simply responded with this answer." dont you think its good to have a 72 hour bag,we reside in a city with over 1600 known gangs,in the event of civil unrest dont you think it would be a good idea to evacuate? do you remember hurricane Katrina? or Haiti?  "

That sealed the deal I believe in her mind, this was a black woman and both Katrina and Haiti devastated the black communities in New Orleans and Haiti.  I believe it was clear in her mind that what I was doing wasn't criminal.

She asked my gals if I hit them, They said "oh yeah my daddy will whoop my backside if I say a nasty word" The woman asked me if this was true" I said yes ,and it is completely legal to spank your child in this state, in fact there are school districts here in my state that allow in in public schools.  She responded that she had heard of that on the news." I immediately responded with more facts.  That those schools had the lowest incidences of violent acts by the youth and the graduation rate was higher and there were less suspensions in those schools".

I think that closed it again. She asked to look in the refrigerator and I said sure and to look at the kids room, I consented.  There were no questions of militia, secretive groups.  Just questions about the things I hold dear.

  My warning to other parents is this, If your gonna be a parent now a days you better be prepared with facts, data to back it and the guts to say the truth,and defend your right to parent in a safe manner, yes but in a manner that is appropriate to you ,the parent.  The case was closed one month later and truely these people are terrorist.  That is the way I feel, they can legally just come into your house investigate ,false allegations and if they aren't open minded to the truth just snatch your loves away..