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First, i would like to highlight Woodys article which gives some insight as to what may have happened to 93.

Some people think that UAL Flight 93 Landed Safely At Cleveland Hopkins Airport

 "The Secret Hijacking
The Fifth Plane landed in Cleveland..."
(Woody Box)

I want to say there is so much info on flight 93 that its hard to include it in this page, so i urge you to read all of the links.

I will start with some oddities, then move on to the maps further down the page.

How many people were scheduled to fly on flight 93?   Frank at the-movement.com has identified several here... Flight 93 Weirdness  Since then we have added several to this list that either were scheduled at the last minuite, or were put on flight 93 cos flight 91 was cancelled. The funny thing about this is that flight 91 was a LATER flight, not an earlier one! We have been hard pressed to find anyone who bought a ticket for this flight before sept10th.

Next, we have 2 seperate incidnts of planes being reported at the same time at 2 DIFFERENT ariports on Sept 10th. First is 591UA (to be flight 93), next is 594UA.   In Arpil of 2003 the person below, supposedly flew 591UA (from his logs). My imidiate reaction was that he wrote down the number wrong, but on second look, i noticed that he also wrote down the NOSE number which also identifies the plane. It is very doubtfull that he waited till he got home then looked up the nose# on the internet and cross-referenced it. Noticing the other flights, it seems he wrote down the NOSE#'s on all planes seperately. These numbers can change with the planes. Checking the BTS.GOV records, the plane was flight 1111 and the tail number was 594UA.

On Sept 10th 594UA departed Detroit at 11:12 to ORD as 1581, the, it arrived in chicago from DTW at 10:58 as 1581

United Airlines employee Mr Friedman kept a log of all the flights he flew on during 2003, including details about their crews and the tail number (N-number) of the planes. He recorded that on April 10, 2003, he flew on a United Airline Boeing 757 with tail/N-number N591UA. This is the tail number of Flight UA 93, which was supposed to have crashed in Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001. See his log at: friedmanfamily.org/ua2003            594UA was also seen in a move archive for dec 2001 here

  In addition to this,  some have seen 591 see info here

More oddities have been recognised by researcher Frank Levi. The estimated arrival times of "Flight 93" (aka N591UA) starting at 2:15 PM, then it changes SOUTH of Pittsburgh, well after it was hijacked and a new flight plan was filed to 10:28.
Also another close researcher pointed out to me, that all flights were being diverted by the time 93 was officially hijacked. And yet the transcripts give the impression that it was still on its way to San Francisco at the time.
According to some hobby plane spotters, N591UA was still flying in 2003.Some researchers also indicated that this original UA-flight is "masked" as N594UA.There is a website, which shows 23 Boeing 757s, which were ordered, but never built.What happened with them?
An investigation into the production of the Tail Numbers (N591UA has construction #28142) also revealed, that "State Street Bank & Trust Co" is the trustee for the plane owners for 590 592 593. So it it makes one suspect that N591UA could have been in that sequence, too.
On N594UA also some findings from Brad M.:On September 10th, N594 departed Detroit at 11:12 to ORD as 1581
594 arrived in Chicago from DTW at 10:58 as 1581 It arrived before it left. This is not possible.

591UA did the same thing. It was seen at 2 different airports at the same time on Sept 10th. This info is usually supplied by ACARS automatically. Then the arilines send it to the BTS.GOV database. It is unclear to me if a UA employee could manipulate this data before it gets to the database or not. This raises SERIOUS questions. From what i understand this is not a normal occurance, and for 2 planes with links to 911 being invloved, it seems the odds are astronomical.

confusion in the skies? Delta 1989?

N591UA has even been spotted around O'Hare. It is using the paperwork
of N594UA.


Buffet near flight 93?

Tail No. Missed Payment Grace Period Rent Total  UNITED AIRLINES: US Bank Demands $22 Mill. Admin Expense Payment
-------- -------------- ----------------- -----
N119UA $5,132,361 $243,939 $5,376,300
N120UA 5,140,459 244,336 5,384,795
N121UA 5,140,495 244,339 5,384,834
N589UA 1,084,906 84,382 1,169,287
N590UA 1,086,373 84,496 1,170,869
N592UA 998,743 77,680 1,076,423
N593UA 999,843 77,766 1,077,609
N594UA 1,001,311 77,880 1,079,191
N595UA 1,842,512 86,373 1,928,885

Here is the full sequence for flight 93 given to us by flight explorer.

The map here shows the last point as being 10:28am(ETA) with a destination of DCA. at 364 mph.

This is a map I created showing the flight explorer points I saw as relavent.

Notice when it is approaching Pittsburg, it is still showing SFO as the destination airport.

According to the Post Gazette...It was 9:45 a.m. Somewhere outside Cleveland, United Flight 93 had made a sharp turn and began flying east, toward Washington, D.C

The flight explorer maps show it was at 9:35 it made the turn.

9:28 a.m. on Flight 93, “there are the first audible signs of problems, in background cockpit noise

9:30 a.m. Flight controllers mistakenly suspect that Delta Flight 1989, flying west over Pennsylvania, has been hijacked. The controllers briefly suspect the sound of hijackers' voices in Flight 93 is coming from this plane, only a few miles away

9:36 a.m. Flight 93 files a new flight plan with a final destination of Washington :9:35, “turned around near Cleveland,” Radar shows the plane turning 180 degrees.The new flight plan schedules the plane to arrive in Washington at 10:28.http://www.pahighways.com/features/shanksville.html

The Newark-to-San Francisco flight reportedly diverted its route near Pittsburgh and ignored calls from Pittsburgh International Airport controllers. Allegheny County Emergency Management Coordinator Bob Full said that Pittsburgh International Airport officials had knowledge of the plane headed for Pittsburgh and that it was taking precautionary action when the plane diverted its course. The plane actually reached the Cleveland area before turning around.
ABC News reported that a request to change the flight plan to Washington, D.C. was asked for by someone on the plane.


The estimated arrival times starting at 2:15pm
then it changes SOUTH of Pitt, well after it was hijacked and a new
flight plan was filed to 10:28
it stays around that time, until the last blip which indicates 9:34 as
the ETA, BUT it crashed much later than that.
How could the ETA show 9:34 when it was well after that at the time of
the crash?


As you can see here the map shows that the destination airport changes well south of Pitt. (as does the ETA). So did Flight 93 file the new flight plan after it was hijacked? Supossedly the hijackers were in control of the craft at this point.


Here you can see flight 93 at 36,900ft travelling at 435mph !

kinda fast to make a 90 degree turn eh !!! It slows to 348mph, but increases in altitude !


At 40,700ft, this is about the time many of the cell calls were supposedly have been made. As a cell phone engineer, i find this quite hard to believe!

These top to maps show the last 2 recorded "blips" from the flight explorer maps.

the problem is, they are at the same location, with different data. (last blip on the right)


The speeds are different, and the ETA is also different ! I thought they may be at 2 differnt point, so i did an overlay of the images.

They seem to match quite nicely. (perfectly in fact! )



  This is the ACTUAL last blip as recorded in flight explorer this shows an ETA of 9:34 !

Its noted that the plane crashed much later than that! its also shown as traveling at 473mph and at 35,000ft. this is at odds with witness reports that the flight had slowed down and was low in the air.

Flight 175 and 93 crossed paths !

We also have the probem of WHY 3 airports were evacuated? Cleveland, Johnstown and Pitt were evactuated because of either Delta 1989 OR flight 93. I have to wonder why a airport would evacuate a tower just because it lost radio contact? It is not like these towers were targets as the WTC or Pentagon were? The plane may have been in trouble an needed an emergency landing, so why make everyone leave?

Other reports have indicated that the ATC guys controlling Johnstown airport were told to leave and a "new guy" from Cleveland was coming in to handle the situation?


9/10- 9/11: The Johnstown "Terror Team" Cover-up

The Johnstown-Cambria Airport "Terror" Team The final procedures: Johnstown, Pennsylvannia and DC

Many 9/11 researchers pray it all over again: "There were lots of warnings."
It was more than this. The United States lied to us. During 2001, especially in the summer, they mentally prepared, drilled, trained and brainwashed local U.S. communities about a pending (bio-)terror attack, including in the areas of Westmore County/Johnstown/Shanksville,
Florida, DC and New York. In these 2 parts we will once again focus on the Johnstown Area, which was
30 miles away from the official crash of "flight93".
On September 10th, 2001, the day before 9/11, the Cambria County Local
Emergency Planning Committee, had their final "terror meeting" of many,
which took place in the area around Shanksville....

Flight 93, American Airlines

What's up with AMERICAN airlines flight 93?
It was also scheduled for Newark (18:21 PM EST!, no wheels off)
Flight93 scenario, by WoodyBox (November 2004)The *real* UA 93 pushed back from the gate at 8:01.
All the passengers we know from the passenger list plus (probably) the "hijackers" were on board. Dahl
and Homer were the pilots. Nothing unusual so far. 8:28 The plane takes off. (as also documented at BTS)

9:16 A "hijacking exercise" begins (the pilots have been informed previously about a drill, so they take part on the game).

9:22 Melanie Homer sends an ACARS message to her husband, gets no answer

9:25 The plane lands in Johnstown. The airport has been evacuated before - apart from a "core team".

9:27 Some of the passengers and crew leave the plane and are escorted to a "safe" place. Others stay in the
cabin and begin making phone calls...

9:31-9:58 This is the time the airfone calls happened. Verizon has a record of these calls. So the calls
were coming from flight 93, indeed (even the cellphone calls!) but the plane was on the ground.

Harrisburg:  Some members of the german
"Phantom"-forum on ezboard speculate about Harrisburg Airport, as another possible switch for a UA93 stand-in.

Johnstown Airport

"...A short time later, Cleveland called again. The unknown aircraft was now fifteen miles south of the field, heading directly for Johnstown. The tower should be evacuated. Fritz ordered four workers to leave. Still, he saw no sign of a plane through his binoculars.
Forty-five seconds later, the Cleveland center called a third time.
Disregard the evacuation. The aircraft had turned south. Cleveland had lost radar contact."
("Among the Heroes", p. 275f)


"Logicon Task Team", part of Northrop Grumman This "task" included Veridian (in 2003 aquired by General Dynamics), Advent Systems Inc., Mountain View, EDS, Advanced Engineering & Sciences, RDR Inc., SRS Technologies. In March 2001, Logicon TASC officially announced their five-year, $57 million contract for "Trailblazer" (WP reported. Another subcontractor of Logicon TASK (diff. sp.) became Modern Technologies Corporation (MTC) of Dayton. MTC included Kenneth A. Minihan (ex-NSA, ex-DIA) and General Lawrence A. Skantze (ex -U.S. Air Force).

Veridian had also close ties with AMS (in 2004, two different parts got acquired by CGI and CACI). AMS is a NASA contractor. On their board is Neil A. Armstrong (Apollo 11), Dr. Joseph P. Allen (Apollo 15 and 17), Steven C. Beering (Eli Lily) and Dr. Sally K. Ride (mission specialist on space shuttle flights in 1983 and 1984). (from
"lost war drill? pt.10")


Most obvious, some of the real perpetrators of 9/11 are also hiding at SAIC.
Controlled by at least two former CIA bosses John Deutch and Robert Gates, SAIC is meanwhile connected with one anthrax suspect, the "maintenance" of e-voting machines, former OEM-Director Jerome Hauer, some other drills, the audition of Venezuela's oil company PDVSA, plus equity partners like Bechtel, Danet, Saudi SAI, DigiLens or VeriSign.

Thoratec: Kellogg, Peter R

Inside Trading August 2004

According to New York Times tax correspondent David Cay Johnston, Peter R. Kellogg is also using the "Indian tribe" scheme to avoid paying taxes.
This scheme, technically not illegal, works like this:
Tax-exempt entities from Indian tribes to pension plans to Dutch banks with offices in the West Indies regularly "rent out" their tax-exempt status to tax cheats, for a relatively small fee and at virtually no risk to themselves.
Though sharing the same name, Peter Kellogg seems to be not related to Halliburton's KBR.
M W Kellogg is a british engineering and construction joint venture between US-based Kellogg Brown & Root and Japan-based JGC, which was acquired by Halliburton when it bought Dresser Industries in 1998. Kellogg did also side investments in mid-1990s with Alex. Brown (-Deutsche Bank)


It also became most obvious, that the official timeline of targets messed up on that morning. Following all diverted flight routes, it makes not much sense anymore, why the alleged "hijacker" attacked their targets in that particular order.

It's possible, that the order of targets was mixed up.
DaveMc Gowan has more on a possible scenario, in which in made more sense, for the "Pentagon to be the first target struck". Apparently the real perpetrators of the 9/11 drill screwed up or had been in competition with another script.

Tinker Air Force

There is another indication, what parts of "Amalgam Virgo" had been possibly reactivated on Sep11th:
As "letsroll"-member
Herb Briggs explained, the original Amalgam Virgo document on GlobalSecurity, was possibly altered, to distract from the 513th Air Control Group (AWACs) deployed from Tinker AFB.

to GlobalSecurity, this group "was activated at Tinker Air Force Base, OK, on March 15, 1996". I will explain their significane further below.

In August 2004, Briggs checked the
Tinker website, but there was no mention of the 513th.
Then he also looked into the air base newspaper "Tinker Take-off" and recognised, that several key issues around September 11th, 2001 are missing...
Briggs is right. In late November 2004, there are still no recent documents about 513th Air Control, in their search engine.

There is however an important detail about Tinker, which obviously had some prior knowledge about a pending attack.

April 30, 2001, an Air Force alert was issued from Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City concerning "possible intelligence collection being conducted by Israeli Art Students."
Tinker AFB houses AWACS surveillance craft and Stealth bombers.
Commander of the 513th ACG is
Colonel James L. Kerr

Between June 1-4, on Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla., members of the 513th Air Control Group, tested new "fast, low-flying cruise missiles", which are hard to detect.
Was this a test for the Pentagon wing, which was later attacked on Sep11th?

Lt. Col. Lee of Oklahoma City worked as a pilot for United Airlines. He
was on call in Denver on Sept. 11, 2001, waiting to fill in if another pilot was sick or could not make a flight for any reason.

West Virginia Flight Control

From the official timeline at 9:05 a.m.:
West Virginia flight control notices a new eastbound plane entering their radar with no radio contact and no transponder identification. They are not sure if it is American Airlines Flight 77.

9/11 researcher Woodybox wonders, who is "West Virginia flight control"?
There is no long-range Air Traffic Control Center in West Virginia, so he has his doubts if this "eastbound plane" emerging at 9:05 really existed.
I also couldn't find them, but have the strange feeling, that there's possibly a connection with
West Virginia University’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Other Sources

 The Cleveland Airport Mystery
 The plane - Delta flight1989 - was not hijacked, and there was no bomb. However, a closer examination reveals a bunch of conflicting statements concerning Delta 1989
This article will prove that not one, but two planes made an emergency landing in Cleveland - in close succession

 Michael Kane: "9/11 War Games - No Coincidence"
by Michael Kane -June 08
(special thanks to Barbara Honegger for her early work on this line of research)
"I have an on-the-record statement from someone in NORAD that on the day of 9/11 The Joint Chiefs of Staff (Richard B. Myers) and NORAD were conducting a joint, live-fly, hijack Field Training Exercise (FTX) which involved at least one (and almost certainly many more) aircraft under US control that was posing as a hijacked airliner". Mike Ruppert - June 5, 2004, editor of FTW
Researchers Nico Haupt & Woody Box have done a detailed analysis
based entirely on mainstream accounts and eye witness statements showing
that, while the official account has Flight 11 being boarded at gate 26,
the flight actually took off from gate 32.
However, no passengers
actually boarded at gate 32, instead boarding at gate 26...

 Air Traffic Control Center Ronkonkoma- Red Herring or Cover-up?
What does the FAA have to hide?

"Flight 11 - The Twin Flight"
What gate did flight 11 take off from?There seems to be a BIG contraversy,
transcript of call from flight 11 with comments...  great thread

Betty Ong call !!!
I cant believe i had not seen this before. In listening to the call with Nydia talking to the AA security officer (not the original Ong call, but the second recording), something did not sound right to me.The AA officer asks her about 2 passengers. At that point, she (Nydia) had not mentioned anything about 2 passengers ?? (many comments posted here)...

Security at Dulles AGAIN - AND- flight 91 and flight 93 !

 World Premiere -WoodyBox: How to steal an airliner and fake a hijacking
- The names of the hijackers don't appear on the passenger list
- There is no video footage of the hijackers passing the security check at the airport
- The flying skills of the alleged pilot Mohammed Atta were hardly sufficient to hit the Tower
- The hijackers didn't choose the optimal flight path, i.e., the shortest way to New York City (more...)
How to steel an airliner... (Pt.2)

 "Twin tails" of pre-Flight 93 and other "phantom flights"
The official timeline of Sep11th is breaking apart.

Atta's Portland flight did not exist; various flights of the official flights or the tail numbers of their
precursors existed twice; new, recently unknown terror drills show, that the scenario of 9/11 was well known;
the new "flight plans" and meeting points of the alleged hijacked flights included too many
coincidences; the planners of the "hijack" must have had inside knowledge about other flights and their
cancellations as well.
On Sept 10th 2001 a plane with the tail# N591UA was reported in 2 different places at the same time accoring to a Government database at http://www.bts.gov/ this plane was reported the next day to have crashed as flight 93. More here and also in the article above.
John Doe compiled quick new summaries about Flight 93: Too many contradictions and Identifications of hijackers by DNA.
"...On September 8, 2001, the LEPC together with the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport ran a full-scale terrorist exercise. More than 350 participants were involved in the exercise that simulated an aircraft landing with a terrorist on board and the threat of an explosive device on the plane. The exercise was a tremendous success..."

The lost "terror drill"? Pt.11

9/11 was a combination of older terror drills, NOT wargames! Major parts had been also tested during Amalgam Virgo 01 (June 2001) and during three until recently lesser-known drills in Westmore County, Buffalo and Dayton. These three drills had odd similarities with the fate of Flight 77, Flight 11, Flight 175 and Flight 93.

Flight 93 aka N591UA, Westmore County drill

 Cleveland Smoking Gun Proves "Arab Hijacker" Calls
From United Airlines Flight 93 Were Faked

 Plane Swap: Part 1, Flight 11 Goes the Wrong Direction
Part 2 flights 175 and 93
Part 3 flight 77 

Joe McCusker's Air Force Base List


AA11 meets UA175

Flight 93: Crash Time cannot be true  

According to Dulce Decorum, who researched repair records, he found out, "that N519UA was a heap of junk, always breaking down and needing repair, while 591 was a healthy plane"

Tracing N594

(Reminder: According to some plane spot-witnesses, Boeing 757-222 SERIAL NUMBER 28142 is flying around Chicago under the alias 594UA.
According to the FAA, N594UA Boeing 757-222 flies now with a DIFFERENT serial number, namely 28145.)
Left Newark on 09/07/2001 to San Francisco
Scheduled Departure Time: UA 09/07/2001 0081 N594UA SFO 07:00 AM EST
Wheels-off Time: UA 09/07/2001 0081 N594UA SFO 07:23 AM EST
Arrived in SF on 09/07:
Scheduled Arrival Time: UA 09/07/2001 0081 N594UA EWR 10:10
Wheels-on Time: UA 09/07/2001 0081 N594UA EWR 9:46
Scheduled Departure Time: UA 09/07/2001 0186 N594UA IAD 11:00
Wheels-off Time: UA 09/07/2001 0186 N594UA IAD/Dulles 11:10
arrived in DC Dulles on 09/07:
Scheduled Arrival Time UA 09/07/2001 0186 N594UA SFO 19:02
Scheduled Departure Time: UA 09/07/2001 0225 N594UA SFO 20:00
Wheels-off Time: UA 09/07/2001 0225 N594UA SFO 20:44
arrived in SF again on 09/07:
Wheels-on Time in SF: UA 09/07/2001 0225 N594UA from IAD/Dulles 23:11
(no wheels-off on that day after this time)

checking Newark:
Scheduled Departure Time: UA 09/08/2001 N594UA NONE
Wheels-off Time: UA 09/08/2001 N594UA NONE
Scheduled Departure Time: UA 09/09/2001 N594UA NONE
Scheduled Departure Time: UA 09/09 -09/14 N594UA NONE

checking DC, found it:
Wheels-off Time: UA 09/10/2001 1179 N594UA DEN/Denver 15:56
arrived in Denver on 09/10
Scheduled Arrival Time: UA 09/10/2001 1179 N594UA IAD 17:15
Wheels on Time: UA 09/10/2001 1179 N594UA IAD 17:07
Scheduled Departure Time: UA 09/10/2001 1197 N594UA SEA 17:55
Wheels-off time: UA 09/10/2001 1197 N594UA SEA 18:10
arrived in Seattle on 09/10
Scheduled Arrival Time: UA 09/10/2001 1197 N594UA DEN 19:35
Wheels-on Time: UA 09/10/2001 1197 N594UA DEN 19:25
Scheduled Departure Time: UA 09/10/2001 N594UA NONE
Wheels-off time: UA 09/10/2001 N594UA NONE
Scheduled Departure Time: UA 09/11 -09/12 N594UA NONE

 What Really Happened to Flight 93?

The problem with the above is that there was a news report that Flight 93 was landed at Cleveland and evacuated:

Reported by 9News Staff
Web produced by:Liz Foreman
9/11/01 11:43:57 AM

A Boeing 767 out of Boston made an emergency landing Tuesday at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport due to concerns that it may have a bomb aboard, said Mayor Michael R. White.

White said the plane had been moved to a secure area of the airport, and was evacuated. United identified the plane as Flight 93. The airline did not say how many people were aboard the flight. United said it was also "deeply concerned" about another flight, Flight 175, a Boeing 767, which was bound from Boston to Los Angeles.

On behalf of the airline CEO James Goodwin said: "The thoughts of everyone at United are with the passengers and crew of these flights. Our prayers are also with everyone on the ground who may have been involved. "United is working with all the relevant authorities, including the FBI, to obtain further information on these flights," he said.

When you go to the link where the story was archived, you find this:

Plane Lands In Cleveland; Bomb Feared Aboard

Reported by: 9News Staff
Web produced by: Liz Foreman 9/11/01 11:43:57 AM

This story has been removed from WCPO.com. It was a preliminary AP story, and was factually incorrect.

Now, just suppose that it wasn't Flight 93 that landed in Cleveland but that it was actually Flight 77? This is perhaps not so crazy a solution since there is an unverified witness report that

...something is odd with the serial numbers of Flight93 and Flight 175. The serial numbers of the ORIGINAL planes are SAME serial numbers of the planes that ARE STILL FLYING. 591UA 612UA

Although N-number can be transferred, the manufacturer's serial number CANNOT be transferred. According to some spot-witnesses, Boeing 757-222 SERIAL NUMBER 28142 is flying around Chicago under the alias 594UA. According to the FAA, N594UA Boeing 757-222 flies now with a DIFFERENT serial number, namely 28145. more here thanks to ww.cassiopaea.org/

At 10:02,the communicators in the shelter began receiving reports from the Secret Service of an inbound aircraft —presumably hijacked —heading toward Washington.That aircraft was United 93.The Secret Service was getting this information directly from the FAA.The FAA may have been tracking the progress of United 93 on a display that showed its projected path to Washington,not its actual radar return.Thus,the Secret Service was relying on projections and was not aware the plane was already down in Pennsylvania.217 At some time between 10:10 and 10:15,a military aide told the Vice President and others that the aircraft was 80 miles out.Vice President Cheney was asked for authority to engage the aircraft.218 His reaction was described by Scooter Libby as quick and decisive,“in about the time it takes a batter to decide to swing.”The Vice President authorized fighter aircraft to engage the inbound plane.He told us he based this authorization on his earlier conversation with the President.The military aide returned a few minutes later,probably between 10:12 and 10:18,and said the aircraft was 60 miles out.He again asked for authorization to engage.The Vice President again said yes


a 767 from pittsburg was hijcked approaching Northern virginia,
circling an airport in virginia. Fox reporting a second plane heading toward the pentagon (after the 93 crashed)

(from audio of Howard Stern on the day of 9/11)

No one can yet say exactly how close the hijacked jetliner that crashed Tuesday in Somerset County came to Pittsburgh, but a map of the flight path shows the plane passing just south of the city.

The Federal Aviation Administration said yesterday it turned over to the FBI a radar record of United Airlines Flight 93's route.

The data traced the Boeing 757-200 from its takeoff from Newark, N.J., to its violent end at 10:06 a.m., just outside Shanksville, about 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

FBI agents refused to comment about the flight path.

During the two hours Flight 93 was aloft, it traveled westward to Cleveland, then made a sharp turn to the south, according to a map provided by Flight Explorer, a Virginia company that sells real-time flight data it receives from the FAA.

Flight Explorer's map shows that after the jetliner turned south, it banked back eastward, cutting through West Virginia's Northern Panhandle before re-entering Pennsylvania.

A series of air traffic controllers would have handed off the plane several times, moving from Newark to New York to the FAA's Cleveland Air Route Traffic Control Center as the plane headed across the country


As the plane neared Somerset County, air traffic controllers in Cleveland alerted their counterparts at John P. Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport that a plane was about 12 miles away, "heading directly at the airport at about 6,000 feet," said Joe McKelvey, the airport's executive director.

"The Johnstown tower chief told me that under the circumstances, he was going to evacuate the tower," McKelvey said. "Before either one of us could get off the phone, the aircraft had already passed us by."

Moments later, it crashed 14 miles to the southeast, killing all 45 people aboard.


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