Man fined $200 for for-sale sign in car

United Press International | June 30, 2008

LONDON, June 30 (UPI) -- An elderly British man said it is unfair he was given a nearly $200 ticket for having a for-sale sign in the window of his Ford Escort.

Victor Abrahams, 67, was issued a fine last Tuesday for "offering goods for sale in a parking place," the Daily Mail reported Monday.

Abrahams said city officials told him he was fined in accordance with a law put in place last year in north London's Barnet borough.

"I don't live in the area but I've had my office here for the last 25 years and I've never heard of anything like it," he told the newspaper.

Abrahams said he is waiting to fork over the cash until he finds out how Barnet Council reacts to a complaint he lodged.

"The council's position is currently that we do not encourage or support trading from the public highway, including offering vehicles for sale," a council spokesman said.