TSA whistleblower TI in 'imminent danger'

Examiner.com | November 25th, 2010
By Deborah Dupre

The airline captain silenced for exposing TSA corruption and collaborating government agencies has issued an alert that his life is now in imminent danger.

Numerous aviation industry personnel that joined the fight to expose the TSA and high-level aviation corruption have experienced similar retaliative actions. They are attempting to inform travelers where real threats are, threats that body search human rights violations do not reveal. (See: FAA and TSA whistleblower suppression and stonewalling breaches human rights and national security, Dupre, D., Examiner, Jan 28, 2010, and Fake DHS airline security. Real American suppression Dupre, D., Examiner, Dec 18, 2009)

TSA and FAA continue suppressing and stonewalling federal aircrew whistleblowers who know where real threats are while forcing body searches of innocent travelers, a gross human rights violation.. Photo: AEWA

Now, the targeting of Captain Hanley has reached a new level, what is know as the third degree in targeting by protected extremists.

"My life is in imminent danger...trust me..," wrote Captain Dan Hanley.in a message posted on Facebook on November 24.

Hanley is the National Public Spokesperson of the Whistleblowing Airline Employees Association and 2010 recipient of the Restore Dignity Award. (See: Whistleblower Capt. Dan Hanley awarded Restore Integrity Award)


His reward for integrity a year later? Captain Hanley fears for his life and that of his family. He is receiving threats known only too well by a growing number of Targeted Individuals. Some of these threats are carried out while good people do nothing to prevent the injuries and deaths. Too many people naively believe deadly myths, such as, "If they say they're going to hurt you, they're only trying to scare you."

Hanley stated, "I have been receiving threatening phone calls, as have my family members." (See: apps.facebook.com/causes/posts/592323?m=4fef55ef&user_viewed=1)

"We are attempting to send the link below around the world ten times in 24 hours to spread this word globally!"

Hanley asks that supporters to share his information on Facebook walls "and ask your friends to do likewise."

The following few points from the AFFIDAVIT OF DANIEL W. HANLEY IN SUPPORT OF CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION encapsulates Hanley's work and highlights reason to support him for benefit of all people impacted by air travel - in flight and on the ground:

"3. I am of information and belief that Michael Lynch, former CEO and Chairman of McCook Metals, LLC, with the assistance of local and national organizations and individuals, has turned over to civil and criminal authorities and multiple media entities material evidence confirming the existence of an alleged organized, nation-wide criminal enterprise involving officers of state and federal courts who exploit litigants for their personal financial gain and who unlawfully manipulate and exploit the judicial system at the expense of state and federal taxpayers as well as for their personal financial gain in violation of state and federal tax laws.

4. I am of information and belief that multiple judges and lawyers are aware of and/or involved in the alleged criminal acts by federal court agents. That in alleged violation of Illinois Supreme Court Code of Judicial Conduct Rule 63(B)(3)(a) and/or Rules of Professional Conduct Rules 8.3 and 8.4, these members of the bench and bar have not reported these alleged illegal acts to the appropriate authorities, thereby conspiring with the same, and/or have directly committed these alleged acts. By law, all should have their law licenses permanently revoked and/or be removed from the bench instanter.

5. I am of information and belief that American citizens have been retaliated against for attempting to obey their civil and moral duties as members of a free democracy to expose these unlawful acts by state and federal court agents including, but not limited to, retaliation by means of judicial kidnapping of children, false incarceration after being â€úframedâ€Ě by criminal elements in civil and criminal authorities, impoverishment, coercion under duress, and serious physical injury up to and including death.

Protecting whistleblowers protects humanity

FAA and TSA continue suppressing and stonewalling Hanley, federal aircrew and other airline employee whistleblowers. Federal law protections, politicians and law enforcement turn a blind eye.

The conspiracy of silence continues, as during pre-911 oddities. Illegal, immoral and unethical practices in the airline industry are life-threatening.

The U.S. multi-agency "national security" system systematically fails to protect the public by failing to protect whistleblowers. Instead, it protects terrorists and high-level corruption.

As long as this continues, genuine threats to Americans are unattended while rights of the public, such as privacy, continue to be removed to the point of forced full body search and exhibiting the naked body to board a plane.

Almost a year ago, a Delta bomb black operation performance succeeded: It pushed fearful travelers in the U.S. further toward fascist goals of control and persecution. In the article, Delta black op bomb gave neocon Christmas gifts of nudity and fear, Dupré wrote:

"The Christmas day Delta flight 253 bomb attempt was anotherblack operation, similar to the false flag 911, 2001 black operation, this one involving the CIA, Mossad and India's Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) according to investigative journalist, Wayne Madsen reports based on Asian intelligence that closely monitors activities of the three agencies in India and Southeast Asia.

"Airline insiders fired for testifying before the 911 Commission or for reporting other security issues continue to be suppressed."

It is through good works of people such as the reader of this column that actions such as the air travel opt out protest is being conducted and that protection of human rights workers such as Captain Hanley can occur.

One year ago, Amnesty International premiered its video homage, The Power of Words (below) for people such as subscribers and other readers of the Dupré Reports, who help spread whistleblower and other human rights stories far and wide. Morgan Freeman states that AI supporters have used the power of words to demand freedom and justice for countless human rights defenders around the world.

"Our words are proof that [when] you stand up for human rights, you never stand alone."

That's how actor, Morgan Freeman described the powerful effect of leaders such as Captain Dan Hanely and Patricia Isasa and the numerous others the author has written about such as Father Roy of SOA Watch, Cynthia McKinney, Congressman Kucinich, Clive Stafford Smith of Reprieve, Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research, the Gulf hero doc, Dr. Rodney Soto, Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors, the three humanitarian women of Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana, Jeff Rense - and all of the less-sung heroes putting everything on the line to stand up for the reader's human rights.

As this writer has previously asked, What does the future hold for our children's children if whistelblowers and other human rights workers continue to be silenced through workplace mobbing, blacklisting, imprisonment, torturing or suiciding?

Listen to Capt. Hanley's recorded phone messages at www.airline-whistleblowers.org/UAL_Recorded_Phone.html

Listen to Federal Air Marshal Robert Macleanâ€ôs testimony and to Gabe Bruno, Bogdan Dzakovik, and Rich Wyeroski testimonies on previous Blog Talk Programs.

Stand with Captain Daniel Hanley with your words. Learn how empowering it is to defend human rights workers such as Hanely by watching the video below and visiting his work and that of hundreds of other airline industry whistleblowers at Airline Employee Whistleblowers Association.