FBI raids downtown Dallas building

WFAA-TV | April 2, 2009
By David Schechter

DALLAS -- The FBI hauled away millions worth of computer servers from a company called Core IP Networks during a Wednesday raid in downtown Dallas.

But it affected a number of businesses that were not under investigation and about 100,000 phone customers across the country have lost part of their 911 service.

Matthew Simpson is the owner of that company. He says his home was also raided.

Simpson says the FBI is after a former client who may have used servers to pirate movies and software.

But innocent companies are also affected including AT&T, Google, which both had equipment at the building at 2323 Bryant St.

Locally, Classic Chevy lost its e-mail. A small ad agency is locked out of the internet and a small phone company-- Sitcom in McKinney-- says all its customers have lost service and access to 911.

"It's like an apartment building. If you have 500 tenants and one of them has a meth lab inside his apartment, they don't hold the apartment liable for that guy's actions. But that's what the FBI is trying to do here," said Simpson.

Simpson also estimates 100,000 phone customers across Texas, and the country, are now without E-911 service, which provides dispatchers with information about where you're calling from.

The FBI will not say who is under investigation.

And unfortunately for the companies that rely on those servers the FBI says it may be several days or more before their service can be restored.