Man Dies After Taser Gun Shock

KPRC Local 2 | July 14, 2008

HOUSTON -- A burglary suspect died after an officer shocked him with a Taser gun late Sunday, KPRC Local 2 reported.

Houston police said the man got into a scuffle with officers after a burglary at a home on Galaxy Street near Locksley Road at about 11:55 p.m.

Investigators said they found broken glass and three men were inside the home. The men were detained for questioning. 

Another man was seen running out of the back of the home, police said. He ran across the street, through a field and into the woods, investigators said.

Police said the man kept running when they told him to stop.

An officer fought with the man as he tried to arrest him, detectives said. The man took the officer's flashlight, police said.

Another officer heard calls for help and ended up shocking the man with a Taser gun twice, detectives said.

The man was arrested and paramedics were called to check him out, officials said. He was rushed to a hospital and died, police said.

The Harris County Medical Examiner's Office will determine if the man died as a direct result of being shocked.

Houston police started using Taser guns in 2004. Officers have deployed their Taser guns more than 1,600 times and no deaths have been attributed to their use.