Moussaoui seeks Congress appearance
Moussaoui claims the authorities knew of the attacks in advance

BBC | 3 July, 2002
By Steve Kingstone, BBC correspondent in Washington

The only man charged in connection with the 11 September attacks has asked to testify before the US Congress.

Zacarias Moussaoui claims that he, and the suspected hijackers, were under surveillance by the FBI before September, and that the US intelligence agencies allowed the attacks to happen.

This was the latest in a series of handwritten motions from Mr Moussaoui to the judge overseeing his case.

In it, he says he has "relevant information and proof" relating to the conduct of the FBI before September.

He has asked for the chance to share his thoughts with US lawmakers, who are holding hearings into intelligence failings leading up to the attacks.

Afghanistan excuse

Specifically, Mr Moussaoui says the authorities were watching at least one of the suspected hijackers last summer.

The FBI chose not to make any arrests, he said, because they wanted the 11 September attacks to go ahead, giving America an excuse, he argues, to destroy Afghanistan.

The US Government flatly denies the accusation, and is seeking the death penalty for Mr Moussaoui.

Arrested last August, he faces six conspiracy charges in connection with the attacks.

Having dismissed his court-appointed lawyers, Mr Moussaoui is now representing himself.

His latest motion also accuses the judge of wanting him executed: "You're playing games with my life" Mr Moussaoui said.

It is extremely unlikely that the defendant will get his moment in the congressional spotlight.

He faces trial later in the year.