Exclusive: NYPD Officers To Be Given Extra Money For Being More "Aggressive"

The vice of impending police state clamps down once again

Real Inside News | August 13, 2007
By Mike Swenson

According to an article in the New York Post, "the NYPD's new patrol chief has ordered that special overtime money earmarked for cops in violence-prone precincts be given to "aggressive" officers rather than "do-nothings... His order affects a pool of funds known as Impact Overtime."

Across the country, police brutality and presence has quickly become a nuisance. 

In an article published today by Raw Story, a 22 year old woman was hospitalized after a confrontation with a police officer in Providence, Rhode Island. According to the Providence Journal, the protest was organized by the Industrial Workers of the World labor group. The woman was tackled by officers, resulting in the dislocation of her knee. "She has had one surgery to repair the damaged knee and may face another, as well as physical therapy" according to the article. 

"Labor organizer Mark Bray told the Journal that the police reaction was "was excessive and there’s no excuse for it." According to police, the girl who was injured was "hitting," "kicking," and "pushing" officers."

Back in June, a member of the activist group "We Are Change", Matt Lapacek, was arrested for asking a member of Rudy Giuliani's party questions. Lapacek, who had full credentials and press passes, was placed under arrested for criminal trespassing, according to an article posted by "Boston 9\11 Truth". Lepacek was later released on $400 bail. 

In late July, a New Orleans police officer was acquitted by a judge after a videotape showed he and three other officers beating a sober 66 year old man on a sidewalk in the French Quarter, according to an Associated Press article. Below is a clip from the beating:

One of the three officers invloved, also facing investigation, has since committed suicide.

The announcement made today by the NYPD's patrol chief is nothing less than shocking. According to the article in the New York Post, " Sources said Giannelli also wants to reward cops who use their overtime shifts to issue a lot of summonses and who do numerous "stop-and-frisks" of people who match the descriptions of criminal suspects."

This annoucement, combined with the recent spike in police presence and brutality, are the earmarks of a, impending police state.