Officer Accused Of Threatening Starbucks Managers For Free Coffee
Police Lieutenant Failed Polygraph Test, Fired

Local 6 News | July 16/17, 2008

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- A police lieutenant in Daytona Beach was fired over accusations that he threatened slower emergency response times if he was not given complimentary specialty Starbucks coffee drinks.

An internal police investigation found that Daytona Lt. Major Garvin received free coffee for about two years from a city Starbucks coffee store.

However, when recently denied free coffee from new management, Garvin allegedly told managers that he could change the police department's response time if they refuse to give him complimentary drinks.

Garvin is accused of saying, "If something happens, either we can respond really fast or we could respond really slow. I've been coming here for years and I've been getting whatever I want. I'm the difference between you getting a two-minute response time, if you needed a little help, or a 15 minutes response time."

However, when confronted about the comments, police said Garvin agreed to take a polygraph test.

When asked whether or not he threatened managers with adverse response times, Garvin responded, "no."

But polygraph test results suggested that the officer was lying, Local 6's Tarik Minor reported. Garvin was then fired.

Starbucks employees said Garvin visited the Starbucks store six times a day during his shifts and intimidated some workers during visits.

"I want somebody protecting my streets who is honest and trustworthy," Starbucks customer Adam Cuddy said. "So, if he is going to fail a polygraph, whether it is about coffee or anything, I don't know how comfortable I feel as a citizen being protected."

The investigation also revealed that Garvin requested the complimentary coffee even when he was not on duty.

Garvin was hired by the department in 1993.