Carbon Advice Group Plc is pleased to announce the appointment of Oliver Rothschild as its non-execu

Carbon Offsettings | May 4, 2009

Matthew Sullivan, Founder and CEO of Carbon Advice Group, welcomed the appointment saying:

“We are delighted that Oliver Rothschild has agreed to join Carbon Advice Group Plc as Chairman. We believe that Oliver will bring significant experience and international credibility to the Board of Carbon Advice Group Plc as it rapidly extends its carbon offsetting services and network of environmental entrepreneurs across Europe and the United States”.

Oliver Rothschild said “Carbon Advice Group Plc provides a unique way of engaging individuals and businesses in combating climate change across borders and nationalities. I am pleased to join Carbon Advice Group Plc at such an exciting stage in the company’s growth. I look forward to the exciting challenges of the future and working with my colleagues at Carbon Advice Group Plc to ensure the company provides a quality service to justify the public’s continuing support”.

“We want to motivate the average person in the street to get online, join our global network, build their own carbon offsetting website and get the message across to everyone they know,” continued Carbon Advice Group founder Matthew Sullivan.

“Everyday we see, hear and read about the catastrophic effects of global climate change. We all know we need to do something, and we need to do it now. We believe the appointment of Oliver Rothschild will help Carbon Advice Group Plc get closer to achieving our objective of bringing carbon emissions reduction and offsetting into the mainstream” Sullivan continued.


Notes to Editors
Founder and principal of Buchler Rothschild Investments, Oliver Rothschild has held several key positions including Chairman of UNICEF (Appeals). He is currently the Ambassador of the Monte Carlo Film Festival (IETFF), Ambassador of the charity Fresh2O and is closely associated with several other charitable bodies and boards. Oliver is the Patron of the St.Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, Chairman of Pinewood Media, a Director of Twilight Films Ltd and Chairman the Tripleplay Group.

His track record of successful business development includes Property Investment, ICT and Entertainment, Public Relations, Fine Arts & Antiques. Oliver’s board level experience is equally extensive. He has served as Chairman for an international travel organisation, senior vice president of American General Investments and as director of a London auction House. Principle shareholder in a Fine Arts and Antiques business, Oliver is currently serving as Chairman of AB Entertainments and Fusion Universal, as well as holding directorships with a number of IT, PR and Investment companies.

Fluent in French, German, Spanish and Italian, Oliver Rothschild is actively developing business opportunities throughout the US and Europe including the former Eastern European Block countries, where he is both investing and advising on property and business acquisitions.

About Carbon Advice Group Plc
London-based Carbon Advice Group PLC has created a unique web-based service that enables individuals and businesses to take an active role in combating climate change. The site enables users to directly calculate their carbon footprint and immediately purchase carbon offsets.

The Carbon Advice Group allows anyone to get involved and take an active role in the emerging green economy. The site offers motivated social entrepreneurs a short process to set up their own merchant site to promote and sell carbon offsets as part of the Carbon Advice Group’s network. They are also able to create their own partner downline network.

The Carbon Advice Group’s mission is to create a worldwide network of environmental entrepreneurs by giving them the necessary tools, understanding and motivation for them to bring carbon emission reduction and offsetting into the mainstream and make it a vital part of everyday life. Allowing individuals to promote, purchase or provide carbon offsets, the group offers a compelling answer to the “What can I do?” response to global climate change issues.

Carbon offsetting enables individuals and businesses to compensate for unavoidable emissions by purchasing equivalent greenhouse gas savings. With the Carbon Advice Group, these savings can come from wind power, biomass power, or a renewable energy charitable contribution.

Available carbon credits meet strict international standards. Users who purchase carbon offsets will receive certificates, windscreen permits and window displays so they can proudly demonstrate their environmental credentials.

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