Radiation from Hydro's Smart Meters may be too dangerous

Vancouver Sun | May 26, 2011
By Susan Fletcher

A wireless Smart Meter (SM), the type mandated for all BC Hydro customers, emits one hundred times the radiation of a cellphone.

That's the conclusion of nuclear expert, Daniel Hirsch, after finding flaws in a report to the California legislature which claimed Smart Meter radiation is 100 times less.

The report hadn't accounted for the whole body, 24/7 radiation of an SM compared to the head directed, relatively infrequent radiation from a cellphone.

Although SMs are too new to form definitive conclusions regarding their long-term risk, data from several studies show about twice the risk of a rare kind of brain tumour in those who've used a cellphone half an hour a day for 10 years.

These tumours normally take 40 years to develop.

To avoid health risks, security breaches and high costs of upkeep, The Citizens for Safe Technology advocate wired SMs.