Tail numbers

From BTS database:

9-11 Flight 175 Tail number = N612UA last at Logan on 16th Aug was EXCLUSIVELY at JFK from 17th August to 10th September then suddenly back at Logan on Sept 11th

Why was it moved on that day? It wasn't!
That flight, carefully modified the night before - took off from JFK and flew into the WTC. Anyone know the distance and direction?
The fighters were supposed to look for Flight 175 over JFK
And funnily enough we have a security alert on a plane from JFK the night before
http://www.the-movement.com/essays/lies.htm(AA 299 though)

Flight 93 Sept 11th =N591UA was in Logan Sept 10th as Flight 0507. This
plane became Flight 175 - changed its transponder code to flight 93 over
NJ and was shot down in Pittsburgh
What took off from newark was probably the white plane using flight 93s
transponder code?
We need to check if the last scheduled flights were cancelled.

 N591UA leaves ( on the 10th) Logan for ORD at 7:30 gets to chicago (ORD) at 8:39 wheel on time. Leaves chiacgo as flight 642 at 10:43 for Newark, it shows a flight number and tail number, but no wheel on time or arrival time. It shows N591UA as flight 75 to SFO departing wheel off time at 19:40

( a 240 min departure delay and 70 min taxi out time) It arrives in San Fran at 22:07 wheel on time.

Then depart SFO ( as flight 78) at 23:15 wheel off time.

Flight 78 shows scheduled to arrive at 6:22, but shows no arrival, or wheel on time.

3 planes were sheduled to arrive before the 911 events, but the database shows no info of any planes arriving on the moring of the 11th from NWR

Flight 77 N624aa or N644aa?

N624aa was used for flt 77 most of end of Aug and start of Sept
N624aa was in Logan Sept 10th (Flight 181, 11:00)

Airliners.net has a photo at logan of N644AA but its not listed at all on BTS either August or September at logan or Dulles.
Does not appear at Reagan Sept 2001

612UA departs from SFO to BOS Logan 13:44 W-off-time, gets to Logan at 21:50 W-on-Time. Does not show departing on the 10th . shecduled elapsed time 333 mins /60=5.55hrs 2 hours missing ?

13:44 to 21:50 = 7 hours and 6 mins

N334AA (11) was at Logan Sept 10th - Flight 197 17:10, not listed for
Sept 11th

Tail # N334AA arrived in SOF at 20:43 W-On-T on the 10th it left as flight 198 to BOS at 22:04 W-Off-T it had a scheduled elaspse time of 334 mins. It had a scheduled arrive time of 6:24, but does not show a wheel on time, arrival time or tail #.

8 planes (of 55) were shown to have arrived before the 911 events started. none show to actually arrive ( no arrival time, wheel on time or tail number)

Airliners.net has a photo at logan of N644AA but its not listed at all on
BTS either August or September at logan or Dulles.
Does not appear at Reagan Sept 2001
Can't find it anywhere?

N644AA does NOT appear at all, EVER, on the BTS database.
American Airlines has this really weird system of reporting their planes to the BTS. As far as I have been able to determine (thanks to a DU poster by the name of LoneStar) the code is as follows.

N (not to be confused with the N-number)
Fleet number (for example, 5BP)
The initial digit of the fleet number pertains to the make of the plane,  for example, 5=757 3=737 0=airbus etc
I do not know the story with the letters just yet.
AA has a very high number of leased planes and will frequently sell of planes they own outright at a steep loss and then lease the very same plane back at a very high rate. I think this is some kind of corporate welfarekick-back or money laundering scheme. It makes absolutely NO fiscal sense whatsoever. Perhaps the letters pertain to intial ownership??
AA (perhaps as carrier code?seeing as how American Eagle planes appears to be reported as MQ??)

The AA fleet number for Flight 77 is 5BP.
Therefore, the plane reported to the BTS as N5BPAA is in reality, FAA number N644AA.
The AA fleet number for Flight 11 is 334.
Therefore the plane reported to the BTS as N334AA is in reality, FAA number N334AA.
Go figure.

N644AA (fleet #5BP) Imaged at National Airport a very few miles from where she was lost on September 11, 2001. In memory.

Brad mentioned some big delays on September 10, and also the fact that the time that the plane was airborne
does not always tally with the time it takes to fly from point A to point B.
That, according to BTS stats, is a fact.


But the problem that we consistently face is that CHARTERED flights are not listed.
Neither are those of small airlines but all our flights were on large BTS reporting carriers. At present, I am embroiled in a debate over this at DU. I mainatain that Colgan does business as US Airways and even has its planes painted in US Airways colors and it flight attendants wear US Airways uniforms. Colgan's flight numbers are US Airways 5000-5999. Now if you go to the BTS database and check Portland and Boston for September 11, you soon determine that there was NO Colgan air service on that day. The Colgan/US Airways flight numbers range is given as 5000-5999 by Colgan's website, and as 4800-4999 and 4950- 5099 by the US Airways website. This, to me, adds up to zero.

Furthermore, it does not appear to me at present that Colgan flew directly from Portland Jetport to Boston.
I think you have to connect at LaGuardia or Dulles (or maybe Philly or somewhere else. )
which makes it a five hour proposition.
American Eagle appears, from BTS stats, to be the only airline that Atta/Buhkari/Alomari could have boarded.
And since woody has a thing about gates, here is a schematic of the Portland Jetport.
Note that Gate 11 is somewhat hidden from view.

This could have saved our hijackers some time.

And here is a map of the Portland area.

I had a small list of tails that i backtracked bts data for before 911. 594 was one of them.
i found both 591 and 594 had simialar peculiarities. BOTH planes were in 2 places at one time on Sept 10th.
I have a VERy hard time believing this is a coincidence.
I checked several other flights as a control group , if you will.
NONE of the other flight dispayed this type of problem.
From what i understand, the data is recorded by ACARS
( im pretty sure both of these planes were ACARS equipped)
What i am not sure of is if the data can be changed by someone at UA, or somehwere else before it hits the BTS database?
The idea that both of these planes were in 2 places at one time on Sept 10th is too much for me to attribute to a coincidence.