Lawsuit: TSA agent exposes woman at airport | October 11, 2010

CORPUS CHRISTI -- A woman is claiming that a Transportation Security Administration security screener pulled down her blouse, exposing her breasts during a routine search at the Corpus Christi International Airport.

According to documents filed in court, Lynsie Murley, a 24-year-old from Amarillo, was in line for screening at the airport, when she was pulled aside for a secondary search. That's when the TSA agent "pulled her blouse completely down, exposing [Mulvey's] breasts to everyone in the area."

The filing says that she then got out of line to talk to a friend who was with her, when the TSA agents continued to joke and laugh.

She got back in line and was told by a male screener that "he wished he would have been there when she came through the first time, and that 'he would just have to watch the video.'"

Mulvey is seeking damages related to pain and suffering and says that if the TSA had properly trained their employees, the embarrassment wouldn't have happened.

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