Colorado man claims he was 'sexually assaulted' by airport security

KDVR-TV | April 15, 2011
By Heidi Hemmat

DENVER -- Geoff Biddulph of Berthoud, Colo. is a frequent flyer. He travels at least 30 times a year for business and has been "pat down" by airport security all across the world.

But he says he has never experienced anything like the pat down he got at Denver International Airport on April 5th.

"I felt like I was sexually assaulted," he said.

Biddulph says he was line at the security checkpoint waiting to go through the metal detector when a Transportation Security Administration agent tried to force him to go through the body scanner. 

"A TSA agent literally started pushing me towards this other line," he told us.

Biddulph asked the TSA agent why he was being moved, and that’s when he says the agent called a supervisor, threatened to kick him out of the airport and began an “inappropriate pat down.” 

Biddulph says the TSA agent rubbed his groin area, buttocks and stuck his hand down his pants. 

"He was only focused on my private parts," Biddulph said.

Biddulph filed a report with Denver Police and filed a complaint with the TSA.

He received a response from a TSA customer service representative that said, in part, “I regret this incident and the rude behavior you have described is unacceptable. I have forwarded your report to our operations managers. I have asked them to investigate and act as appropriate."

Still, Biddulph believes TSA needs to take a closer look at their pat down procedures.

"We have the right to reasonable search and seizures. This is not reasonable. It's not reasonable to have somebody shoving his hands down your pants," he said.

TSA spokesperson Carrie Harmon tells FOX 31 News they have received 898 complaints about pat downs from November 2010 to March of 2011.

She points out over 251 million people passed through the nation’s airports during that span of time.