The Obama Deception (Youtube, 113 Minutes)
Impeach Obama 2012 ( 10 Minutes, 49 Megs)
Memo to Obama: Moving Forward Doesn't Mean You Can't Also Look Back
Email tells feds to make sequester as painful as promised
Blaming the Voters - The anger of Barack Obama
Bill Clinton holds court in White House after Barack Obama exits stage
In Crisis, Opportunity for Obama
President Obama: Expect Job Losses Even After Recovery Kicks In
Obamacare is even worse than critics thought - Healthcare overhaul won't stop premium increases
Seven million will lose insurance under Obama health law
Lobbyists, health care heavyweights visited White House early and often
Barack Obama does U-turn on Guantanamo Bay terror trials - Obama Is Said to Consider Preventive Detention Plan
Three Convicted in Terror-Related Cases Later Granted U.S. Citizenship by Obama Administration
Who is Zbigniew Brzezinski? ( 3 Minutes, 8 Megs)
Zbigniew Brzezinski; Obama's "Outstanding Friend" ( 65 Seconds, 3 Megs)
Brzezinski Backs Obama - Zbigniew Brzezinski
Obama announces Clinton, Gates for Cabinet - THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION(S?)
Obama officials gave Bilderberg briefings - Secret Meeting
Obama hosts George H.W. and Jeb Bush at White House
Cold warrior Henry Kissinger woos Russia for Barack Obama
National Security Adviser: "I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger"
Obama's failed nominees don't inspire confidence
An Obama Patron and Friend Until an Indictment
Holder's private practice an issue in AG hearings - In Terrorism-Law Case, Chiquita Points to U.S.
PROMISES, PROMISES: No lobbyists at WH, except ... - Obama’s Lobbyist Connection
Goldman's White House connections raise eyebrows
Millions for Axelrod in sale of firm - W.H. team discloses TARP firm ties
Obama breaks promise on campaign finance - U.S. charges Obama fund-raiser in $290 million fraud
Clinton Foundation's secret donor
Top Obama campaign donor accused of fraud
Emanuel's War Plan for Democrats - Emanuel: Viewed by some as second most powerful man in country
Rahm Emanuel: Lose Right to Bare Arms if on No-Fly List ( 3 Minutes, 7 Megs)
Obama Promised To End War ( 14 Seconds, 2 Megs)
US weighing military options if Syria uses WMD
Obama in 2002: Toppling Brutal Dictator a ‘Dumb War’
Joe Biden Warned In 2007 That He'd Impeach Bush For Waging War Without Congressional Approval
Obama says nuclear Iran poses "grave threat"
Obama to extend Iraq withdrawal timetable; 50,000 troops to stay
Extra forces could stay in Afghanistan 5 years
President orders air strikes on villages in tribal area (Pakistan)
White House: Libya fight is not war, it's 'kinetic military action'
2 Top Lawyers Lost to Obama in Libya War Policy Debate
Obama Sends 100 US Troops to Uganda to Help Combat Lord’s Resistance Army
Obama Calls For "Civilian National Security Force" ( 5 Minutes, 12 Megs)
Rahm Emanuel Calls For "National Service" ( 39 Seconds, 2 Megs)
Obama signs service bill, says volunteers needed - Obama believes women should register for draft
The American Legion Strongly Opposed to President's Plan to Charge Wounded Heroes for Treatment
Constitutional Lawyer, Dr. Edwin Viera, Comments on Obama's "Militia" ( 95 Seconds, 468 K)
Obama's chief of staff choice favors compulsory universal service
Obama Supports FISA Legislation, Angering Left
Obama Supports Extending Patriot Act Provisions - Government opts for secrecy in wiretap suit
Kagan: Speech is free if government decides it has more value than 'societal costs'
Barack Obama and the "Second Bill of Rights" - Obama Makes Use of Signing Statements Article
Analysis: Obama's 'blame me' means 'move on' - Christmas incident was "screw up" - Obama said
Obama staffer gave warning of NAFTA rhetoric - Obama to Push Immigration Bill as One Priority
Return of outsourced jobs not good for US: Obama - 22,000 green jobs to India
Obama's $845 billion U.N. plan forwarded to U.S. Senate floor
Obama: "'Smart Meters' in Each House" ( 19 Seconds, 1 Meg)
Obama putting $3.4B toward a 'smart' power grid - California wants to control home thermostats
Obama: "...we can't drive our SUV's, eat as we want, keep homes on 72 degrees ( 34 Seconds, 2 Megs)
Carbon Credits ( 4 Minutes, 10 Megs)
Obama to Declare Carbon Dioxide Dangerous Pollutant - EPA expected to act in regulating carbon dioxide
Obama’s involvement in Chicago Climate Exchange--the rest of the story
Climate Bill to Cost Average Consumer $175 a Year: CBO - Obama says climate bill just the beginning
Arizona sheriff finds Obama presidential qualifications forged
Election official: I'd testify Obama not born in Hawaii
Sex And Drugs With Obama - Subsequent Interviews Found Here ( 39 Minutes, 9 Megs)
Janet Napolitano-run Homeland Security treated male staffers like lapdogs, federal discrimination lawsuit charges