Upper classes 'more likely to lie and cheat' - S.E.C. Defends ‘No Wrongdoing’ Settlements
Postal Service says it’s immune from local traffic laws
Poll: 4 out of 5 Americans don't trust Washington - Banks own the US government
Baucus on Reading Bill: We Hire Experts for That
Sen. Reid: Reading Legislation a "colossal waste of time."
The proof that power corrupts (and no, it's not MPs' expenses) - OPERATION GREYLORD

NY Times Reporter Admits Making Up Stories - Ex-ABC consultant said to fake interview
Misinformation campaign targets USA TODAY reporter, editor
How fake images change our memory and behaviour
What Your TV Is Telling You to Do
FEMA workers masquerade as reporters
Pentagon used psychological operation on US public, documents show - Army 'psyops' at CNN
Hollywood a longtime friend of the CIA - Operation Hollywood
Rather: Government Influencing Newsrooms - CIA confirms Ventura meeting occurred
CIA officers make grave mistakes, get promoted
Obama staffer wants ‘cognitive infiltration’ of 9/11 conspiracy groups
Quebec police admit they went undercover at Montebello protest, Undercover cops were among the unruly at DNC
Police under fire as trial collapses over 'agent provocateur' claims
FBI Trained Hal Turner As An "Agent Provocateur", FBI confidential informant also said to be provocateur
House Speaky Nancy Pelosi: "They are advocates. We are leaders."
Herman Cain to Occupy Wall Street protesters: If you're not rich 'blame yourself'
Christine Lagarde, scourge of tax evaders, pays no tax
History 'disappearing from schools'
Special license plates shield officials from traffic tickets
Angelenos furious over special 'Gold Card' for traffic tickets
2 Miami officers charged in FBI corruption probe
Ex-FBI Agent Gets 30 Years for Home-Invasion Plot
Ex-Cop Pleads Guilty In Hurricane Katrina Killing Probe: 2 Shot, Killed On Danziger Bridge
Police investigating death of Freddie Mac official
California officer admits to sexual assault while on duty
TSA employee accused of kidnap, assault
Mayor Pleads Guilty
Hundreds of Iowans thrown out of public hearing
Congress, Ariz. school district sues taxpayers to stop questions
Ohio Congressman Has Cops Confiscate Cameras At Town Hall Meeting
Politician moves to make vulgar Photoshopping illegal: "No one has a right to make fun of anyone."
Councilman Arrested for Peeing on Crowd
Janet Napolitano-run Homeland Security treated male staffers like lapdogs, federal discrimination lawsuit charges
Wisconsin Governor's Allies Ran a Toxic Bailout Bank... and Got Rich
Indicted Chicago cop shines light on corruption
Ex-NYC Police Commissioner Kerik Pleads Guilty
OxyContin bust nets 56 Miami-Dade government employees
Drug Cop Convicted For Cocaine, Meth Thefts - Cops' Use of Illegal Steroids a 'Big Problem'
LMPD probes detectives who tipped off prosecutor under investigation
LAUSD police officer admitted fabricating shooting story, source says
TSA Agent Arrested at LAX
TSA employee charged with helping drug dealers at airport
Ex-Cop Sentenced Seven Years For Stealing Nearly 100 lbs of Drugs From Evidence Locker
Mexico drug plane used for US 'rendition' flights
Banks Financing Mexico Gangs Admitted in Wells Fargo Deal
Mexican officials held for selling intel to drug cartels - 92 Mexican police arrested in drug cartel investigation
12 face charges in bonus scandal
SEC lawyers probed for insider trading
Ex-autos czar Steven Rattner to apologize, pay $10 million to settle civil charges
D.A.: City crew acted like 'band of brigands'
Pennsylvania rocked by 'jailing kids for cash' scandal
Highway robbery? Texas police seize black motorists' cash, cars
Two TSA agents busted at JFK Airport for stealing $160,000 from checked bags
Mayor Sheila Dixon indicted
Wife of Judiciary Chairman Conyers Pleads Guilty to Bribery
Agency: S.C. train ride inspector faked report
NYPD Charges Jewish Man With Anti-Semitic Threats, Jewish GW Student Admits Putting Swastikas On Her Door
Firehouse incident with noose was a hoax, McCain campaigner mutilates face to fake attack
Lesbian Couple Charged With Staging Hate Crime
Animal charity PETA accused of slaughtering thousands of pets placed in their care
FBI probes Nevada governor for corruption
Ill. Gov. arrested in Obama successor probe
2 arrested in FBI raid at Obama appointee's office
Stevens Convicted of Concealing $250,000 in Gifts
Ex-NYC Top Cop Surrenders to Feds
Congressman is indicted
EPA chief’s secret ‘alias’ email account revealed
Lobbyist admits to kickbacks, fraud
Land Deal Gives Hastert 300% Profit
Indicted political fundraiser arrested
Dixon Admits Personal Relationship With Developer
Reid Got $1M in Land Sale
Lawmaker's Influence in Land Deals Probed
Customs agents charged with smuggling at JFK airport
Government-industry revolving door
Eustace Mullins' Commentary on Articles of Confederation ( 5 Minutes, 11 Megs)
If You Think You Know About The (United States) Constitution, Think Again...
(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7)
( 400 Minutes, 1 Gig)
The Reece Committee: Social Science as a Tool for Control
The Formation of The CFR to Control The American News/Media ( 4 Minutes, 9 Megs)
David Rockefeller, Dick Cheney: CFR - North American Union ( 2 Minutes, 5 Megs)
Giuliani Presents David Rockefeller With Award at United Nations ( 3 Minutes, 7 Megs)
Rockefellers "Joked" About Taking Over The World ( 2 Minutes, 5 Megs)
National Security Adviser: "I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger" - Kissinger Meeting at the White House
Kissinger to Serve As Papal Adviser? - Kissinger resigns as head of 9/11 commission
Kissinger: Jews in gas chambers not an American concern - Kissinger in '72: Jews 'self-serving bastards'
The Ludlow Massacre - In Scramble for Land, Group Says, Company Pushed Ugandans Out
JP Morgan Funded NYPD Mass Arrests Over 700 Peaceful Occupy Wall Street Protesters
The Rothschild family - Rothschild and Freshfields founders had links to slavery, papers reveal
Rothschild Investment Banking Posts Record Results: What's Their Secret?
Nat Rothschild loses libel action against Daily Mail
NM Rothschild pitches motorway privatisation plan - Rothschild, E3 launch carbon credit investment fund
BP's 'scapegoat' strikes it rich with Rothschild & Co
Carbon Advice Group Plc is pleased to announce the appointment of Oliver Rothschild as its non-execu
The first barons of banking - Queen’s bank ran Ł1bn tax dodge
The Queen enjoys train ride in disguise - Yes One can
“Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth.”
British Queen legitimate monarch?
Prince Charles family connections to 'Count Dracula'
Royal Family granted new right of secrecy
Secret papers show extent of senior royals' veto over bills
Australian governor general dismissed PM despite his majority in lower house
Canadian PM wins suspension of Parliament
Gagging law to protect Prince Charles
Secret Banking Cabal Emerges From AIG Shadows
Exxon faces lawsuit on killings in Indonesia
McCain accused of accepting improper donations from Rothschilds
Top Clinton fundraiser backing McCain, not Obama
Arrested oil tycoon passed shares to banker - Russian 'oligarch' says he will fight to restore democracy
Oligarch investor in Sibir moves to Israel
Edmond de Rothschild Commemorated on Israeli 500 Sheqel, Stamp, Rothschild Boulevard
How a relative handful of elites run the world
Do your taxes feed the rich?
Human species 'may split in two'
David Rockefeller Speaks About Population Control ( 4 Minutes, 12 Megs)
Global Agenda of World Depopulation & Control (Excerpt from Endgame) ( 40 Minutes, 97 Megs)
Mass genocide of Mohawk children by UK Queen and Vatican uncovered in Canada
Freedom To Fascism's Aaron Russo Speaks on Global Agenda ( 70 Minutes, 111 Megs)
IBM And The Holocaust ( 6 Minutes, 12 Megs)
IBM Biometrics - IBM Builds 'Bar Code Reader' for DNA
Microsoft wants to get under your skin
Australians refused insurance because of poor genes
Fury at DNA pioneer's theory: Africans are less intelligent than Westerners - Designer baby row over US clinic
School defends experiment to separate black students in a bid to boost their academic results
Biologically Speaking, Race Doesn't Exist
Feds to collect DNA from every person they arrest
Study finds genetic link to violence, delinquency
Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood's Racist Founder ( 7 Minutes, 22 Megs)
Bush Nazi Family History ( 10 Minutes, 15 Megs)
How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power - U.S. Approved Business With Blacklisted Nations
Chase Banked On Nazis - Barclays to compensate Jews
Project Paperclip: Dark side of the Moon
Revealed: How the CIA protected Nazi murderers
Fresh scandal for Swedish royal family after Nazi past of Queen’s father is revealed by TV documentary
Prince Philip pictured at Nazi funeral - British Racism Can Be a Royal Pain
Queen's hidden cousins banished to asylum in 1941 and left neglected
Recruited by MI5: the name's Mussolini. Benito Mussolini
Revealed: The secret report that shows how the Nazis planned a Fourth Reich the EU
Canadian Jewish Congress helped organize the fledgling Canadian Nazi Party
Neo-Nazi rally was organized by FBI informant
Arnold Schwarzenegger's Nazi Connection ( 18 Minutes, 55 Megs)
Arnold Schwarzenegger With Warren Buffet & Lord Jacob Rothschild
Soros Helped The Nazis During Holocaust
The Transfer Agreement (1933 - Zionists Sign Deal With Hitler) ( 10 Minutes, 32 Megs)
The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany - Ten questions to the Zionists - Jews in Hitler's army?
Holocaust denier arrested - Hate speech or free speech?
$5 million lawsuit targets Jimmy Carter for ‘attacking Israel’
EU rejects eastern states' call to outlaw denial of crimes by communist regimes
Must Jews always see themselves as victims?, How many other Holocausts have occurred; why not remembered?
Zionism is the problem - Is anti-Zionism hate? - Yosef: Gentiles exist only to serve Jews
'Gentile sperm leads to barbaric offspring' - Chinese workers in Israel sign no-sex contract
Israeli ads implore Jews to not marry Americans
Brooklyn signs ask Jewish women to step aside for men
Jewish gender segregation campaign turns violent - Ultra-Orthodox Jews wear Holocaust garb at religious protest
Holocaust survivors warn of stirrings of neo-fascism
Rabbis' wives call on Jews not to date Arabs
'The Invention of the Jewish People'
Palestinian Loss of Land 1946 to 2000 - Condoleezza Rice: send Palestinian refugees to South America
British Israelism - DNA tests reveal Hitler's Jewish and African roots
Disgraced ex-Israeli president convicted of rape
Nixon: Newsmedia Controlled by Jews ( 1 Minute, 3 Megs)
American Israel Public Affairs Committee Demands Plege For Congress ( 2 Minutes, 600 K)
81 congressmen going to Israel on break
A Friendship Dating to 1976 Resonates in 2012 (Romney and Netanyahu)
Is Rand Paul a born again Zionist?
Jewish power dominates at 'Vanity Fair' - Is Madoff the tip of a money laundering pyramid in Israel?
Jewish groups sued over Madoff ponzi profits
Three city mayors and several rabbis held in New Jersey corruption inquiry
Israeli Spying ( 19 Minutes, 48 Megs)
Leak Offers Look at Efforts by U.S. to Spy on Israel
Was the Stuxnet virus created by a government? - Israel Tests on Worm Called Crucial in Iran Nuclear Delay
Israel An Ally? - U.S. Jew indicted as possible Israel spy
Wiretap Recorded Rep. Harman Promising to Intervene for AIPAC
US sees Israel, tight Mideast ally, as spy threat
Israeli historian: “European capitals are targets”, "capability to take world down with us."
Dual Citizenship -- Loyal to Whom? - Freeman hits 'Israel lobby' on way out - The New Israel Lobby
Traficant speaks out against the powers that be on Fox News
Olmert says he made Rice change vote - An identity crisis for Blair: Former PM describes Jerusalem as 'home'
Barack Obama: The first Jewish president? - Rabbi-in-chief: Barack Obama's Jewish connection
Obama's choice for chief of staff puts 'Israel's man in White House' - NU's Katz reminds Emanuel he's Jewish
Biden in 2007 interview: I am a Zionist - Palin to Peres: I'm a longtime friend of Israel
'Spirituality for Kids' class draws fire
Short Summary of The "New World Order" ( 60 Seconds, 3 Megs)
New World Order - And now for a world government - There'll be nowhere to run from the new world government
EU celebrates its 50th birthday - A FEDERAL EUROPE IS NOW 'INEVITABLE’
Why Eurozone should become United States of Europe, by David Cameron
"New World Order": Bush, Clinton, Pelosi, Kissinger, Saakashvili, NBC, NBC, CN ( 2 Minutes, 15 Megs)
Obama, Pope, Jesse Jackson, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Turkey, Venezuela, Brazil, Iran
Report calls for reshaping Augusta
They Rule the World - Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation
Bilderberg Meets - Inside the secretive Bilderberg Group - Bilderberg Helped Create Euro
Bilderberg Attendee Lists: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2006: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6
Obama officials gave Bilderberg briefings - Obama, Clinton attending Bilderberger meeting, Secret Meeting
Perry off to secret forum in Turkey
Melinda Gates at 2004 Bilderberg Meeting
Gates Foundation to Get Bulk of Buffett's Fortune - With $5B Goldman Play, Buffett Banks on Fed’s Bailout
Dark cloud over good works of Gates Foundation - Gates Foundation Acknowledges Flaws in Report
Does Gates funding of media taint objectivity?
Bono's ONE foundation under fire for giving little over 1% of funds to charity
Gates backs population control

Bill Gates Among Investors with $26 Million Share in Homosexual Activist Publishing Company
Gates Foundation Is a MediaNews Lender
Tight US immigration forces outsourcing: Bill Gates
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Announces $306 Million Commitment to Agricultural Development
Knighthood for Microsoft's Gates, Fed's Greenspan, Giuliani, U.S. General, Kennedy, Reagan, Bush, Warner
Masonic rituals live on - Witchcraft and nail clippings: the weird world of Cherie Blair?
Skull And Bones: Secret Yale Society Includes America's Power Elite
Want to become a billionaire? Up your chances by...joining Skull & Bones.
Vatican bank charged with money-laundering

Pope's organs are too holy to donate to mortals, says Church
Freemasonry & Illuminati History ( 53 Minutes, 121 Megs)
Mason - Shriner Claims to be Lucifer ( 2 Minutes, 4 Megs)
The Antimasonic Party - George Washington Mentions Illuminati - Judges no longer have to declare Freemasonry
Georgia freemasons at loggerheads over admission of black man to lodge
Mason Inductee Shot
Brazilian Fishing Trip Depositions: "Masons" Pictured Having Sex with Teen Prostitutes?

Masonic Child Indentification
Bushes: 122nd Knights of Columbus - With Freemasons At Public School - Pyramid - Inaugural Signal
The Structure of Freemasonry
West Virginia Tourist Information Center
Famous Illuminati Symbol
Photos of Crurches in Piazza del Popolo, Rome: Photo 1, Photo 2
Illuminati Shown on Nickelodeon: Photo 1, Photo 2
United States Centennial Coin
Washington D.C. Masonic Map
Illuminati Sign
Information Awareness Office Logo (Latin text translates to "Knowledge Is Power")
Inside the Cultic Denver International Airport ( 10 Minutes, 35 Megs)
Georgia Guidestones - Earth religions get worship area at AF Academy
The Order of Death (Bohemian Grove) ( 43 Minutes, 106 Megs)
Richard Nixon Comments on Bohemian Grove ( 41 Seconds, 649 K)
Sonia Sotomayor found friends in elite group - Sotomayor quits women's club after GOP criticism
Benjamin Franklin: Member of The Hellfire Club ( 3 Minutes, 2 Megs)
DC Madam Murdered ( 8 Minutes, 21 Megs)
DC Madam Predicted She Would Be Suicided ( 4 Minutes, 525 K) (Full Interview; 80 Minutes, 18 Megs)
DC Madam's List: Dick Cheney, U.S. Attorney Thomas DiBiagio, Governor Bob Ehrlich
Building Manager: DC Madam's Death Not Suicide
D.C. madam's mystery death: The Orlando connection
Ted Kennedy rented entire brothel in Chile
Sex And Drugs With Obama - Subsequent Interviews Found Here ( 39 Minutes, 9 Megs)
President Bush Rape Accuser Dead of Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound
Congressional Sex Scandals in History
Former judge Tills faces likely prison term after admitting he recruited prostitutes
Calif. GOP lawmaker caught bragging about affairs
New York Governor Eliot Spitzer Resigns Effective Monday Amid Links to Prostitution Ring
Edwards Admits Sexual Affair; Lied as Presidential Candidate - Sanford admits affair, apologizes to family
Congressman's $121,000 Payoff to Alleged Mistress - John Ensign paid $96k to mistress's family
State rep charged with assaulting teen
TSA Employee Faces Rape Charge - Lawsuit: TSA agent exposes woman at airport
CIA Station Chief in Algeria Accused of Rapes
Billionaire heir to the SC Johnson family fortune charged with sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl
Bush Homosexual Allegations Resurface In New Book
Rudy's roomies - Giuliani on Stage, Giulianne, Giuliani With Trump, Giuliani & Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik
Who is Scott Palmer?
Hillary Clinton: I'm not a lesbian - Livni, Clinton voice support for gay community in Israel and U.S. - Rice, Livni
Speaker Dennis Hastert Encounters With Young "Men For Hire"
State lawmaker resigns amid sex scandal
Dynecorp Sex Trade ( 9 Minutes, 19 Megs)
Foreign contractors hired Afghan 'dancing boys'
Halliburton sued for human trafficking - U.S. stalls on human trafficking
"Jesters" To Testify about Illegal Drugs, Child Prostitution?
300,000 babies stolen from their parents by the Catholic church in Spain
UN staff accused of raping children in Sudan
Jersey: The richest offshore tax shelter of them all - Jersey's Paedophile Ring
Political Pedophile Ring ( 55 Minutes, 140 Megs)
Capitol Hill Pedophiles ( 108 Minutes, 12 Megs)
Photographer for White House child sex ring arrested after Thompson suicide
Police arrest another of the Queen's guards in Windsor Castle paedophile ring probe
Paedophilia: bringing dark desires to light
Secret Service records raise new questions about discredited conservative reporter
Capitol Hill Pedophiles
Priest Removed From Ministry Due To Sex Abuse Allegations Now Works At PHL
Md. TSA Agent Charged With Child Porn
TSA Worker Charged With Possession Of Child Porn
Airport passenger screener charged in distributing child pornography
Ex-TSA Worker Faces Child Porn Charges
Pentagon workers tied to child porn - Pentagon declined to investigate hundreds of purchases of child pornography
Shock study: 12% of kids sexually abused in govt. custody
Assistant U.S. attorney charged in child sex sting
Embattled AG now accused in sex scandal 'cover-up'
Shock after Dutch priest endorses pedophilia
Top Ofsted job for official embroiled in notorious child sex scandal
Aide to Boxer Fired After Being Charged in Child Pornography Sting
Exclusive: The Sexually Explicit Internet Messages That Led to Fla. Rep. Foley's Resignation
Former CPS director sentenced to 10 years for child molestation
Former CPS worker accused of molesting family members
Sexual abuse scandal rocks Boy Scouts of America after $18.5m payout
More officers charged in alleged sex ring
Haredim Begin Confronting Pedophilia - Orthodox Jewish Community Struggles With Abuse Allegations
At a KinkyJews Seder, Pharoah Isn’t the Only One With the Whip